during our cool down yesterday, me and a couple girls on my team decided to take a short cut through the woods instead of following the path and got chased by a swarm of yellow jackets. all of us got stung multiple times and they followed us back to where our tent was at the meet! it was like the tracker jacker scene from the hunger games :(

Anonymous asked:
As a cross country runner what is your daily workout?

Well it depends on what coach wants, but on easy days it’s a 45 minute easy run, hard days is usually 4-5 miles of intervals or tempo pace - the workouts vary, long runs are 75 minutes!

Anonymous asked:
I have been overweight for a while now. I really want to do cross country. I really want to condition my body so I can run it next year. What advice do you have for me? What workouts can I do to get in shape for it?

honestly, just get out there and run! there’s no better way to get in shape for cross country than running. don’t over do it at first, just run a little every day: start for 10 minutes and work your way up to an hour. also do the little things like abs and push ups too to condition the rest of your body! good luck (:

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Whats your IG? I need it for theIastmedia com

i’m not sure what that is

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Your beautiful.

thanks, love(:

The minutes leading up to a race



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