Running has given me a hot young body with the joints of an elderly woman

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I haven’t seen any posts about this, so I thought I’d do the honor. Madison Holleran was known to most people as an outstanding athlete. A state-known soccer player, a D1 distance runner at UPenn. But what many didn’t know is how many lives she touched. As you can see from her smile, this girl carried such a determination to be her best, and truly cared for the others around her. Her twitter bio reads “the more you laugh, the longer you live.” Last week, Madison jumped off a parking garage in Philadelphia, taking her own life.

I did not personally know Maddy, and I hope writing this post does not offend anyone who did, because I’m sure I won’t be able to do her justice. But what I can tell is what her presence did for others and the light she brought to their lives. People like her close friends didn’t see this coming, and her loss is weighing on the hearts of those around her. All runners, no, all people should honor Madison in spirit, and remember to be strong for her. There is always someone to talk to, there is always hope, and there is always the future. Depression has a cure. Every human deserves to live their life. No one should feel like it has to end. Rest in peace Madison, your life as an athlete and person is an inspiration to me.

This was beautifully said. I didn’t know Maddy personally either but, as I have previously posted, she changed my life. It’s unfortunate that such a tragedy had to occur in order for me to come to a realization but I am, nonetheless, thankful that she has opened my eyes. I cant even begin to describe how indebted to you I am, Maddy. I hope I can do you justice by living my life to the fullest as you did. Rest in peace, angel; run free and fly high.